What makes an effective, successful teacher?

There are many people that decide to take the road to becoming a teacher. However, it is only a few that succeed in becoming a successful and effective teacher. One can educate the young minds of students by simply instructing the necessary information, only to have it regurgitated back via the form of tests, papers, and presentations. It is my goal to become a teacher that not only teaches the necessary information but makes it something that a student understands and takes to heart. The most memorable teachers I had throughout my education were ones that were passionate about their subjects and showed a genuine interest in connecting with students and encouraging success. Now that I have officially decided to follow the road to becoming a teacher, it is my personal goal to become a successful, approachable, and effective instructor.

My passion is art. I studied watercolor, painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, photography, Photoshop, glass and a plethora of other mediums throughout my undergrad. In addition to studio work, I have also taken numerous art history courses including Chinese, Renaissance, Modern, Contemporary, and American. It is my plan to become a successful teacher by incorporating both studio and historical work. I want my class to be one where the student is able to understand the medium they work with, the history behind it, but also be able to express their own personality and creativity. Having this outlet is a vital piece to developing our youth into well rounded, successful adults. As someone who has grown up my whole life submersed in the art culture of Seattle, I think that I am a teacher that could plant the same seed of inspiration I received as a developing youth and help nurture this into a blooming plant.


One thought on “What makes an effective, successful teacher?

  1. It sounds like you’ve had plenty of content preparation in art. Mastery of subject matter is one of the characteristics of an effective teacher. Passion is another, as you suggest. Thanks for sharing. Dr. Denton

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