Classroom Management and Lesson Planning.. Do they go hand in hand?

As this course progresses, there are many themes that have been argued about what makes a good and effective teacher. Some would say it’s mostly important to have a passion for what you are teaching, or you need to have an excellent relationship with all your students. For me, I think that in order to be a success you need to master the organization and structure of your classroom. I don’t disagree that having a passion and making relationships are important, but I think that as soon as you have a safe, organized, and healthy learning atmosphere both of these things will follow.

One of the biggest things I am focusing on throughout my education in becoming a teacher is the idea of classroom management. I think most people have experienced a class where things were too constraining or too lax. The best kind of class was one where a happy medium was made. According to the book Classroom Management That Works by Robert Marzano, the author emphasizes that in order to be an effective teacher, classroom management is key. “If students are disorderly and disrespectful, and no apparent rules and procedures guide behavior, chaos becomes the norm. In these situations, both teachers and students suffer” (Marzano 1). I think that one of the good ways to ensure there are guidelines is through organization. Not only can you organize a lesson, but you can organize the classroom behavior through rules and routines. It is this reason that I think a well-written lesson plan is closely tied into effective class management. If a teacher is able to smoothly transition from one thing to the next, it eliminates the possibility for distractions. If there is a disruption, teachers that are a mix between high cooperation and high dominance will be able to handle the situation with grace and ease.

As a teacher, it is my hope that by studying, practicing, and observing I will be able to run a classroom which is structured well and has exciting lessons.

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