Standard E3 states, “exemplify an understanding of professional responsibilities and policies”. As a teacher candidate, this standard is a calling to be someone who goes the extra mile to make sure that I not only understand but also use policies and demonstrate professional responsibility. With the implementation of Teacher/Principal Evaluation Program (TPEP), now more than ever educators need to stay on top of their responsibilities and understanding of policies. In an article by Stephanie Hirsch and Joellen Killion (2009), it is suggested that by collaborating with other teachers will widen our professional responsibility. “Every student deserves to experience great teaching every day… When educators collaborate, they have opportunities to share strengths and seek guidance from colleagues. When teachers collaborate to plan lessons and assessments, students in the same course benefit from the collective expertise of all the teachers of that course. In schools where collaboration among educators is routine, great teaching becomes a reality for every student in every classroom” (Hirsch & Killion, 2009). The thing that struck me the most with this article is that it encouraged colleagues to work with each other. This seems like common knowledge but I never recall my teachers collaborating to make my learning experience a great one. Throughout my internship and into my career as a teacher, it is my plan to talk to my colleagues and incorporate what they are doing in their class into my art room. I think that this effort will foster growth in my professional responsibility and those who I work with.

Hirsch, S. & Killion, J. (2009, March). When educators learn, students learn: eight principles of professional learning. Phi Delta Kappan, 90(7), 464-469.


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