Before School Meetings

August 27th was the first day that teachers met at the High School. The morning was started with a brunch provided by the booster clubs. This gave me the chance to meet other teachers at the school in a less formal setting. After breakfast, teachers had a meeting where logistics were reviewed. We started by doing some team building activities which helped us to get to know the oldest teacher and the newest. After this, we discussed what the first few weeks would look like and also some of our policies involving bullying, 504/IEP plans, safety and security, and an introduction to the new administration. After this, we were released to begin organizing our room. The second day was very similar except the meeting focused more on goals for the upcoming year. During these meetings we discussed grade inflation, TPEP (Teacher & Principal Evaluation Program), and several other goals for our student body. When it came to the TPEP, I had read about the plans for evaluation but never seen it moving into action. I discovered that that for the visual arts, the district has not set any rules really for what they are expecting. The math and language arts have specific assessments that the district is implementing to prove that students are learning what they need to. For the arts, we are expected to show some kind of measurable growth. As a part of the meetings, the art teachers from the district determined that giving a pretest with vocabulary was the best option to show growth in the classroom.


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