September 4-6, 2013

This is the first week of teaching for me and thankfully it was a half week. School started September 4th and periods were only 10 minutes the first day. The class was long enough to briefly explain what the class was and take a quick attendance. For this day, I was simply introduced to students and spent the day observing my mentor teacher. It was the plan that the second day, syllabi would be passed out and the pretest would be given. However, due to a family emergency my mentor teacher was not able to come in the second day. In order to prepare for this, she called in an emergency substitute. Going into this I assumed that this would be a day for observation. However, much to my surprise, the substitute expected me to run the class primarily. He would do attendance and I was to explain the syllabus and provide the pretest and vocabulary. This was a surprise and the day went very well despite being thrown into a situation unprepared. In hindsight, this day really established me as an authority figure in the classroom rather than an observer. The third day my mentor returned to the classroom and continued the review of procedures.


One thought on “September 4-6, 2013

  1. You turned an unfortunate circumstance to an advantage! You clearly seized the moment! When you explained the syllabus to the students, did it offer clarification of rules and procedures for you as well?

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