September 9-13, 2013

This week marked the first time students used clay. Their first project was to create a pinch pot from 8 ounces (half a pound) of clay. To introduce this project, my mentor teacher and I gave demonstrations on how to start creating their pinch pots. We also had a finished piece so that students could visually see and tangibly touch to better understand. However, during this first week, Monday was Armageddon Day. Throughout the course of the whole day, students and staff ran through drills including fire, earthquake, shelter in place, and lockdown. Because of this, students weren’t able to start their projects until Tuesday. One thing that makes working in ceramics easy is that as a teacher, you are able to have constant formative assessment. Throughout the whole class period, I rarely have a chance to sit because I am constantly walking around and looking at their progress. I find this to be extremely beneficial because unlike other areas that are taught in a high school, if a student does not understand the content, it is instantly noticeable so it can be corrected. Whereas, if you are in an English classroom, you aren’t usually aware that the content is not being understood until there is a summative assessment such as a test or an essay. (I will be uploading photos of the student’s final work, and also a sheet that has the assignment)

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