September 16-20, 2013

This week students finished up their pinch pots and they started the second project. We labeled this assignment as a pinch pot vase. Students are expected to create two pinch pots that are equal in height, diameter, and smoothness from twelve ounces of clay (3/4 lb). In order to prevent the vases from being squatty and heavy for their size, we decided that the vase body was expected to be five to six inches in height. Throughout this lesson, students learned to score and slip the two pinch pots into an egg shape, join and seam the edges, and create a foot and neck for the piece. (Photos will be attached and assignment sheet with be added) In addition to creating a finalized piece, students also learned about carving the surface of the clay to create a pattern. For many students, this was the most frustrating part of this assignment. When a design is scratched into the surface with a needle tool, the mark left is very thin and leaves behind unsightly crumbs of clay. It was frustrating to many of them that they had to go back over their designs. Unfortunately, many students opted out of “finishing” their piece despite instruction and warning about grade deduction.


One thought on “September 16-20, 2013

  1. This may have been an opportunity to discuss technology with a tag to P4. Didn’t you tell me many students went online to Google pattern ideas? As you reflect each week, try to keep the HOPE principles in mind. For instance, H1 is honoring student diversity and development. As you give students choice on design and creativity, do you engage students individually? Do you dialogue with each students per their individual needs?

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