September 23-27, 2013

This week was spent finishing up the pinch pot vases. Because it was a continuation of last week, I have decided to reflect on how I have grown as a teacher. Thanks to my mentor, I am able to run the classroom all by myself. I introduce the class, take attendance, keep students on track, and introduce new assignments. Despite the fact that I am learning to teach in just a ceramics classroom, I am looking at this as a chance to learn the ins and outs of teaching. I have had curve balls thrown at me and I am learning that when things go wrong or there are unexpected results, one of the best attributes to have is flexibility. I pride myself with being able to keep a straight face in front of my students even though I may be having a panic attack on the inside. I feel like it is very easy to connect with my students on personal levels but still remain Ms. Schneider the teacher rather than Carly Schneider the student teacher observer. Throughout this, I have learned how I want my classroom to be organized. I have been able to go through and organize all the tools, clay, equipment, and glazes. Not only has this given me the idea of what should be in a classroom but I also have a mental list of what materials we have and where they are located. I have greatly enjoyed being able to help students with their projects, learning to load and run the kilns, and keeping a classroom organized and clean. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to teach in a relatively low risk situation where I can still ask mentors what I should do in situations but being able to feel it out myself.


One thought on “September 23-27, 2013

  1. Experience is a great educator! You are blessed to work in an environment with a mentor who knows when to step back and when to offer support. I would be curious to read about a few of the panic moments and how you handled them. What did you learn about what works with your students? What are you learning about individualization? I am anxious to read your blogs this year and watch your growth!

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