HOPE principle E3 asks teacher candidates to exemplify an understanding of professional responsibilities and polices [1]. To me, this means that as a teacher I need to maintain my role as teacher and know what to do in certain situations [1]. Coming into this internship, one area that I was extremely anxious about was students having a friend relationship rather than a teacher-student relationship. Quite often, I have been placed in a situation where students will disclose information to me that I am than legally obligated to report [2]. Throughout the school year I have dealt with students “sexting”, discussing party plans, and endangering the safety of other people. Upon hearing things like this, I have now learned who I need to speak with and what needs to be done. I think that students forget that while I may only be four or five years older than them, they need to treat me like they would any other teacher [2].  On a lighter side of things, I also think that principle E3 discusses the need to maintain school expectations in the classroom. One such thing is student expectations. I expect my students to dress appropriately, treat each other with respect, and also keep the classroom a functional place to learn in [5]. To help remind students of this, I have a sign that states some of the classroom expectations [3]. These are all things that were created by the students and agreed upon. Revisiting and reminders of rules are frequent to maintaining an atmosphere that is professional [4].

photo (3) [3]

 However, I also think that E3 also calls candidates to be responsible and do things like attend staff meetings [1]. Even though I am an intern and student teacher, I have made an effort to attend all the staff meetings and participate in the activities. When I am a real teacher and have my own classroom and school, effectively implementing these professional responsibilities will be something that I will need to change for that specific school.

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