Principle O2 states that teacher candidates are supposed to offer appropriate challenge in the content area [1]. In my opinion, this calls me to create assignments that are interesting and allow students to make the project as easy or as hard as they would like or have time for [1]. As I have mentioned previously in my blogs, I scaffold my lessons to let students have more and more freedom for their projects. With the first few assignments, students had to follow a strict guideline of expectations. Now that we are at the end of the semester, I have developed a project that can be easily modified and have several options [2].

For the final, I have given students that option between 3 projects: Word Play, Animal Hybrids, and Shoes [5]. Originally students were asked to replicate a ceramic shoe. However, I felt like giving an option allowed for differentiation in the classroom and let students really show what they had learned [2]. Word Play is a playoff of English compound words. Some examples for this are as follows, Cat Fish (a cat and a fish), Bed Bug (A bed that looks like a bug), or Octopi (Octopus Pie). Many of these projects can be simple or very complex, but it allowed for students to create an assignment that showcased their work. Hybrid Animals is a blend of 2 animals that previously exist on this planet, but the combination is a completely new species. The example I gave for this project was a hummingbird frog, or a giraffe with wings [3].

By giving students the option for projects, they wanted to create something. They did not feel like it was a requirement but rather something they had created and felt proud of [4]. I think that creating lessons where students feel like they have the most control is the best way to run a classroom. I hope that with my own classroom and curriculum I will better be able to bring students opinions into assignments [6].

Final Project

Word Play and Animal Hybrid

(Time Flies and Fish Human)

Final Choices


Options for finals

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