Project Details

As mentioned in my last post, I want to teach a unit that was easily adapted to different mediums and different levels of learners. If you have not yet read my first blog, read What I want to Teach and Why. This will get you up to speed so I can better explain the project details.

This project would be broken down into several areas: assessments, color wheel, color theory, color psychology, advertising with color, and a final project

The project would ask students to analyze an advertisement simply by looking at the product and the color scheme. This would require students to understand the color wheel, how colors were created, and the psychology of color in advertising.

To begin with, there would be a pre-assessment given to students to determine how much they knew coming into the project. This pre-assessment would ask students simple questions like..

  1. What does the color red represent?
  2. What kind of emotion does the color green create?

These questions are ones that may be confusing to someone who didn’t understand color or color theory so it would be important that these pre-assessments did not effect the grade of the student.

After taking this pre-assessment, students would then launch into understanding color theory. They would watch a YouTube video on the color wheel and experiment in creating colors by mixing. This would then launch students in their understanding the origin of color and how it is created.

The next part of this project would be an investigation into the psychology of color. This s video that gives a brief introduction to the importance of color psychology and understanding how it affects the way we interact with the world around us. After watching a brief introduction to this, a more in detail explanation could be given through the use of PowerPoint and having students follow along and come to their own conclusions about what the colors are meant to do to the human brain.

After learning this portion of the unit, then students could begin creating pieces of art that are meant to evoke specific emotions. This could be assigned by prompting the student with a statement like…

  • Create a piece of art that causes the viewer to feel relaxed and calm.
  • Create a piece of art that calls attention to a specific area of the canvas.
  • Create a piece of art that causes frustration and anxiety.

Having prompts such as this could easily be adapted depending on the achievement level of students.

After creating a project that was tied into a specific statement, students could take a test that would ask them to analyze an advertisement and product and determine what the goal of the advertisement was.

This project is one that can be extremely in depth, and also easily simplified.


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