What I want to teach and why


Being that  I am visual arts endorsed teacher candidate, I have several mediums that I could be teaching in. Knowing this,  I wanted to research and create a unit that would be easily adapted and relevant for things that are two-dimensional, three-dimensional, and digital. This unit is meant to explain the psychology of color specifically in advertising and labeling.

To begin with, students will first need to understand the color wheel. Students will need to know and learn …

  • Primary Colors
  • Secondary Colors
  • Tertiary Colors
  • How to mix these colors

A resource that I great for this is a YouTube video that I created. It can be found at the following address https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AKWGAhfl2Fk.

This video can be used by students to watch and listen to, while filling out the following paper.

Color Wheel

These are several materials that I have created that can easily be adapted to many different grade levels, learner levels, and content areas.

The next part of this that I wanted to research was the psychology of color and how this is used in advertising. A resource I found for this area is a website where both the psychology of colors are addressed and also how these are used in advertising specific  products. https://www.helpscout.net/blog/psychology-of-color/


I think that a way to help students best understand this is by giving them a pretest where they would guess and explain what each color represented or what they felt from it. By giving a pre-assessment, this could help set the base for how much students knew coming into this project. The final part of this project could be a post-assessment where students were given a specific label or advertisement and had to break it down looking specifically at the color. By having both  a pre-assessment and a post-assessment, students could be evaluated on how much they learned and how successful instruction was.

Having a project that is this broad would allow for it to be adapted easily according to student achievement levels. For ELL students, this could be easily translated to their native language and example could be given from their country of origin. Students who are low achieving could have this project simplified so they would just explain colors and then maybe create a final project where they expressed a specific emotion. As for high achieve students, this project could be adapted to really push their understanding and have them create their own product that they were advertising and trying to sell.

As mentioned previously, teaching color is something that is relevant to all areas of visual arts. This also ties in with the Washington State Standards for High School Proficiency. In addition to color, this project could also incorporate shape/form, and line. In this way this unit plan would be closely related to the Seattle Pacific University HOPE principle O1 that calls candidates to offer an organized curriculum aligned to standards and outcomes.

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