Assigning Homework and Providing Practice (Module 5)

Homework has been the dreaded aspect of school for students and educators alike. This chapter addresses all aspects of assigning homework, positives, negatives, and how to correctly assign homework. “The effects of homework on student achievement are not entirely clear’ a number of factors, such as degree of parental involvement and support, homework quality, students’ learning preferences, and structure and monitoring of assignments can affect the influence of homework on achievement” (Dean).

When I first read this, I thought about what kind of situations my students were in outside of my classroom. Even during my internship, I realized I forgot that my students have classes other than mine. I was shocked that I didn’t realize this or think about this factor until after I had assigned homework. After realizing this, I thought about the lives outside of school. I started to ask my students what they were doing over the weekend or doing after school. I realized that my students had obligations like going home and taking care of siblings or parents, not having a home to go to, or having an unsafe environment to go home to. “There is evidence that suggests homework is more effective for older students than for elementary students” (Dean).

If you do decide to assign homework, Dean suggest following these three bullets, “develop and communicate a district or school homework policy, design homework assignments that support academic learning and communicate their purpose, and provide feedback on assigned homework” (Dean).

Dean, C. B. (2012). Classroom instruction that works research-based strategies for increasing student achievement (2nd ed.). Alexandria, Va.: ASCD.


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