Video Analysis #1

The video that I chose to analyze was the 3rd Grade adjective where students worked with their senses. I wanted to analyze this video because I felt like the teacher demonstrated excellent areas and also some areas that could be improved. In addition, despite the fact that this is a primary classroom many aspects can be translated to any grade level or content area.

To begin with, the teacher clearly states the objectives for the lesson and hooks the students interest. Looking at Classroom Instruction That Works , in order to set objectives well in a classroom, “objectives that are specific but not restrictive, communicate the learning objectives, connect the learning objectives to previous and future learning, and engage students in setting personal learning objectives” (Dean, 2012). The teacher starts by explaining the connection between the five senses and adjectives. She asks students what the five senses are. When students say something like feel, she corrects by restating what the student said and saying touch.

The practice activity uses the senses in relation to a trip to the ocean. Students use adjectives to describe their experience. For the main activity, the teacher asks students to explain what the five senses are in relation to an Oreo. It was here that the teacher showed that she went above and beyond by being conscious of religious holidays.

However, when the students start describing the senses with the Oreo, starting with how an Oreo sounds is abstract for students. I think it would have been better to start with look, touch, smell, taste, and then sound. Another area that I think could have been improved is the fact that the class ended before the students had a chance to write their experiences in the paragraph

Dean, C. B. (2012). Classroom instruction that works research-based strategies for increasing student achievement (2nd ed.). Alexandria, Va.: ASCD.


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