E3 and the negative of student teaching

As a student teacher, I was always expecting students to treat me in a way that was different then my mentor teacher. This was shown most clearly to me when students casually informed me of an event happening between 2 of my other students. According to this student, a girl in my class had sent a boy a video of herself pleasuring herself over an app called SnapChat. This boy had found a way to save this video and was sending/showing it to many of his friends. I took this information to my mentor teacher and thus began the painful process of investigation. This started with the girl involved being questioned and informed about the situation. She admitted to producing and sending this video but had no idea that this boy was sending it around the school. After that conversation, the school launched a police investigation into this boy distributing child pornography. Unfortunately this boy “lost” his cell phone mysteriously before being questioned. Because the school and police did not have sound evidence into his crime, he was simply suspended for 10 days. From this experience, I learned how to address this kind of situation and my duty and obligation to report such crimes as soon as I find out. In addition to this, I learned who I should be talking to. This was a very depressing and stressful situation because I had both of these students in my class during the same period. After a week of awkward encounters and conversations, the school opted to transfer the boy into another one of the ceramics I periods. This alleviated the situation tremendously for both teachers and students involved.


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