Pinch Pot Vase

Ceramics I

Pinch Pot Vase (powerpoint)

This lesson incorporates the previous handbuilding method. Students are asked to join 2 pinch pots together into an egg form that will make up the body of the vase. This lesson helps them prepare for the next several projects that utilize the 4 S’s or slip, score, smush, and smooth. This is the method by which ceramic pieces are joined and is an important skill that needs to be mastered to continue improving in ceramics. They are also learning how to carve in a design into the surface of their vase. We ask that the students create a design that is graphic such as a pattern. We want to avoid having imagery or a story and focus on the design aspect alone.

While explaining this project on the PowerPoint, students follow along on this half sheet of paper and turn it in before the design aspect is approved to be put on the vase. Students are expected to fill in the blanks and give at least 3 examples on the back of the half sheet.

Pinch Pot Vase student copy

Pinch Pot Vase Handout

Pinch Pot Vase Self Evaluation

Self Evaluation

Pinch Pot Vase Grading Rubric

Grading Sheet


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