Pinch Pots

At the beginning of Ceramics I, this project is used to introduce one of the three hand building methods. This is also an excellent project for Ceramics II as a way to refresh their memory about how to work with clay.

Pinch Pot

This is the PowerPoint that I show to both Ceramics classes as a basic reminder of how to create a pinch pot and what we are looking for. It includes the Grade Level Expectations (GLE), grading rubric, basic instruction, and final grade break down. In addition to a PowerPoint, I provide students with a half sheet hand out that reminds them of what is expected throughout the lesson. In addition to a list of expectations, students are also provided with a sheet that breaks down the grading for each aspect on a scale of 0 – 3 or exceeding standards, meeting expectations standards, approaching standards, and not meeting standards. Students are asked to evaluate their own project and then have a oral critique with the teacher. As a part of this self critique, students have to write out what expectations were and if they think that they met them. It provides a chance for students to show concerns, or things they thought went well with this project.

Pinch Pot Ceramics I

Pinch pots grading rubric (ceramics 1)

Pinch Pot Bowl Grading Rubric (student)

Ceramics II is considered to be more advanced so instead of creating just 1 pinch pot, they are required to make a series of pinch pots. These pinch pot will be graded harder then Ceramics I and they will need a foot.

Pinch Pot Bowl Set Ceramics II

Pinch Pot Bowl Set Grading Rubric

Pinch Pots Grading Rubric (Ceramics2)


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